Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Born Coyote Pups!

One of my Canadian friends Steve Tardif was turkey hunting a couple of days ago in Ontario when he happened on a coyote den with some new born pups. I have spent a many an hour in the woods and have never found a predator den with some newborns like this my self. I don't even know anyone that has found something like this,  pretty incredible.

To bad their going to grow up to be a major turkey predator!

Thanks for sharing Steve.
Larry S.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Chris Coffey Takes a Turkey Grand Slam!

I get to meet a lot of interesting people through by guiding and this year I was privileged to share some turkey time hunting with Chris Coffey from Iowa.

Chris had called me late in 2013 to discuss the possibilities of coming down to Florida to try to take one of the four sub species of turkey, the fabled Osceola.

Chris's goal was to complete a Turkey Grand Slam in one season and is an accomplishment few turkey hunters ever achieve, particularly in one season.

Since the Florida season opens earlier than most other states, Chris's plan was to try to get the hard one out of the way first, the Osceola. Noted for being tight lipped and particularly resistant to calling compared to other species of turkeys the Osceola is an accomplishment un to its own.

Chris and I had a tremendous time on our hunt together and were actually able to take not one but TWO nice Osceolas in just a few days of hunting. One of those was a public land bird, I might add! Impressive.


As if that wasn't enough, not only did he harvest two great Osceolas, Chris was able to knock down a really nice Hog and catch 3 redfish from a kayak in some back country saltwater flats! Absolutely incredible.

  • A Kansas Rio for Chris!
Well, fresh off of that high Chris went on to Kansas with his father and despite sub-freezing temperatures and 30+ mph winds, were both able to harvest 2 great Toms!

  • On to Iowa for an Eastern!

From Kansas Chris moved on to his home state of Iowa to try to take his eastern.

Once again Chris's Father was able to accompany him to hunt which is obvious from Chris's recount made for a special hunt for him. They had quite a difficult hunt due to other hunters in the area though they heard a ton of birds.  Someone actually shot into the birds they were working on the first setup and both the first and second setup had to be abandoned due to other hunters.

They were finally able to put it all together and harvest two great birds, one having 1 1/2" SPURS!

  • Last but not Least, Merriams in Nebraska!
This weekend Chris was able to accomplish his lofty goal with a double in Nebraska! Double is
significant because one of the two birds he shot had a "double beard." Incredible and another accomplishment most turkey hunters will never be fortunate enough to experience.

This was another tremendous hunt but he also got to witness some turkey behavior the very few have ever seen. One was a hen in full strut. I have seen it only twice myself. The other was a hen Gobble! I have to say, I wish I had been there to video that one!

Chris related that his first setup was nothing short of incredible. He called in 12 pissed off hens that beat up his decoy and 8 red headed toms that were gobbling! The unfortunate part was that they were all jakes so he had to move on.

Though he was plagued with gobbling jakes at every setup, he was finally able to find a couple mature birds  to finish his one year grand slam!!!

Way to go brother! Congratulations!!!!

Hopefully, we can get together for another hunt in the future!

Larry S.